Contact is made because of the airplane pilot regarding the point 230°-240° T

13. Course 280° T., price fifteen try handled overnight, the newest opponent having been considered to be heading slightly southern out of western, most likely to become listed on the new Southern area pushes. Quickly ahead of sunrise Agency released a good reconnaissance trip to look the city from 180° thanks to West so you can 360° to own a radius out-of 200 kilometers. , the newest adversary impact 239° T., point 150 miles from this push. The latest get in touch with statement from broadcast and due to voice mistake the term « BB » is actually read since « CV ». Appropriately, step one Cv is actually said to help you Chief Activity Force 16. This new airplane pilot quickly gone back to foot and you can stated truthfully step 1 BB, step 1 California, step three DD, by content get rid of and you will verbally. Cruisers was basically next purchased to get and continue maintaining contact with its SOCs, track new adversary and keep maintaining the latest OTC informed.

14. Within 0957, commenced unveiling air group of twenty-six VSB and you will 8 VF. Aforementioned were ordered together in the event of prior to now unnoticed sky resistance. It assisted about assault by effortlessly strafing destroyers. On 1150 the air classification began the attack towards the challenger push which contains 1 BB, step one California, and you will step 3 DDs, 142 kilometers affect 235° T. out of Hornet 1015 standing, evoking the following: dos a lot of-pound. bombs and you may 1 five-hundred-pound. bomb into the BB plus a few 1000-lb. strikes on the a california; you to five hundred-lb. struck into stern regarding an effective DD. Five VF strafed that DD and this most likely suffered big teams casualties to the link and you can top really works. Certainly Hornet VSB try seem to strike and you can try off of the AA fire contained in this attack. All of the pilots for the assault demand that the dominating target is naturally an excellent BB (most likely Kirishima class) rather than a california. All of the airplanes but one test down was basically recovered from the 1245 and you can rearmed.

At 1239 Corporation released this lady earliest attack in the time; interceptions to the voice assault regularity indicated a massive way of measuring triumph

16. The new breeze try white however, positive for hours on end, blowing straight from the fresh adversary; opening are held sporadically instead deviation from Fleet movement or rate.

17. On the fresh go back of one’s Company Classification, twenty four VSB were launched in the 1530 for what proved to be the final attack of the three-big date step. One deferred forced getting came back in the 1602. The latest opponent push is at now throughout the 110 kilometers 264° T. away from Hornet reputation. Results of which attack are listed below: One 1000-lb. bomb struck into California, half a dozen a thousand-pound. bomb hits on the California or CL, 1 1000-pound. bomb strike for the DD. Very big explosions were noticed in the fresh new California, plus it is left entirely gutted of the flames, teams leaving watercraft. On 1728 brand new attack category came back, instead of losings, and is retrieved. Later years are began towards the a good northeasterly course. Cruiser seaplanes assumed the internal heavens patrol.

18. The fresh new Commanding Manager desires commend the whole team of the Hornet towards Leader-in-Head while the worthy of highest praise because of their overall performance regarding responsibility when you look at the subject action. Most of the hands held themselves in a way fitted this new Navy’s greatest life style. There are zero a good somebody, since the step try purely an air action, and there’s zero reason behind censure. Suggestions for honors to the Heavens Class is actually contained in Enclosure (C).

fifteen TBD to your 4 June (1 airplane pilot rescued). twelve F4F-4 on 4 June (six pilots rescued). 5 SBDs cuatro-six Summer (cuatro pilots and 4 RM saved).

At 1645, the brand new assault is actually started towards opponent force composed of step one California (most likely Kinugasa group), step 1 California otherwise CL, and you may 2 DDs

step one torpedo hit to your Cv (Ensign Homosexual) (Most likely a lot more from the VT8). 3 Zero fighters shot off. 2 diving bombers sample down. dos a lot of-pound. bomb hits towards BB. step one 500-lb. bomb strike towards BB. dos five hundred-pound. bomb hit to the California otherwise CL. dos 1000-pound. near misses (under 50′) to your BB. step 1 DD strafed by cuatro VF. *2 a thousand-lb. bomb strikes into California. step one five hundred-pound. bomb hit with the DD. 1 1000-lb. bomb struck toward California. 6 1000-lb. bomb moves towards CL or Ca. step one a thousand-lb. bomb hit towards the DD.