For the Ur III several months, the state try an element of the collector

> »ugu » — debits part of a free account pill > >I’m as long as merely a creditor might be finding staying >a supplement on the character which « ugu » means money to the membership >about borrower?

The official given really home approximately of many pets so you’re able to the person, which up coming had to spend the money for county right back.

My teacher in the UCLA, Robert Englund, have centered on Ur III bookkeeping words. There is not much in print, however, we did use the after the publication within the class:

Speakers of your Sumerian words coexisted getting a lot of age having audio system away from third millenium Akkadian languages, therefore the dialects got particular affect each other, even so they performs entirely differently. Which have Sumerian, you have an enthusiastic unchanging verbal resources to which you put everywhere from 1 to eight prefixes, infixes, and you can suffixes and then make a spoken strings. Akkadian is like almost every other Semitic languages in the which have a root off about three consonants and inflecting otherwise conjugating you to definitely options with various vowels or prefixes.

I must recognize how >to help you transliterate they to the English

>I’m looking to find out what truthfully was told you for the Sumerian into >Voyager-step one space probe’s « wonderful list » to have a story I am creating. You might pay attention to they during the > > > >Nevertheless the composed adaptation I can not seem to select. > >Thinking if you could possibly help.

to be healthy, complete, perfect; getting/ make who is fit; to restore (constantly believed Akk. loanword, means form ‘peace’ into the 18 from 21 Semitic dialects, but Sumerians utilized word in greeting and you may options not from inside the Orel Stolbova’s Hamito-Semitic Etymological Dictionary ; cf., sil 5 , ‘pleasure, joy’, + lum , ‘to grow luxuriantly’) .

Therefore the Sumerian term silim is related to Hebrew shalom and you will Arabic salaam, and can even become resource of these. The Sumerian traders just who spread the latest Ubaid people regarding Near Eastern starting up to six,100000 BC (calibrated) will have utilized so it welcome term.

>You will find, towards the many occult other sites, see brand new declare that the fresh new pentagram >was applied from inside the ancient Sumer because a great hieroglyph into keyword UB, as well as for AR. >Exactly how legitimate is this claim?

> > >This post states a good proverb who more or less change so you’re able to « travelling is actually >tough, but the beer will probably be worth it. » Do you show-me exactly what who feel like?

That is proverb dos.123 in the 2-volume range from the Bendt Alster, referenced throughout the bibliography back at my towards the-range Sumerian lexicon.

Do you really believe I would like it?

>John: I know your primary current email address. Thus do you consider it might be an effective >good idea to review Sumerian? To what I see >on your own email you are stating that I should exercise while the a personal appeal and you will >that it’s impractical I will generate employment out-of it right? Exactly why do you adore >it? What do you have made of it? Derek

I adore to be able to browse the completely new messages. We have corresponded that have scholars regarding Sumerian religion who do perhaps not understand the code, exactly who need certainly to rely on supplementary present, and though he’s smart anybody they have and generally are incapable to fix misunderstandings due to not knowing the several definitions regarding Sumerian terms and conditions. To know the fresh Sumerian faith and you can society it will help is familiar with its vocabulary. The thing i such as the extremely is and also make a contact with someone whom existed a long time back as a consequence of their vocabulary. Because the you will find such as for instance a massive corpus of messages, we’re going to sooner understand the Sumerians better than we could the fresh new Egyptians and other ancient anybody. In addition to, in place of the latest Atlanteans or any other New age says, new Sumerians had been real. I know about the brand new official job and life of new Sumerians compliment of its language. I just additional the second accessibility the fresh new lexicon: