The action in Close Relationships – Modified questionnaire (ECR-R; Fraley ainsi que al

The objective of this research is always to read the the relationship anywhere between attachment so you’re able to pet, connection to the people, loneliness and you will societal help, investigating dog and cat owners as the utmost prominent pets owned since pets. Next hypotheses is proposed:

step 1. Group parameters such as dog owner sex and type out-of pet usually dictate the effectiveness of pet-holder connection. Also, most other potential important demographic details, eg way of life location, animals recommendations, amount of control is reviewed.

2.Participants that have high scores with the proportions of protection and you will/otherwise anxiety (based on the ECR-R survey) tend to be connected to its pets.


Members had been 365 dog owners (268 puppy and you can 97 pet customers), aged anywhere between 17 and 68 many years (M=28.4; SD=nine.33). Among them 330 have been ladies and 35 male. Off 128 people that happen to be owners of one another variety, almost all (N=109) made a decision to respond to the questions about the canine, and simply 19 to your cat.


, 2000) try good thirty-six-item mind-statement mature accessory measure. ECR-R is sold with two subscales: cures and you can anxiety. The combination off efficiency toward both proportions signifies different styles of attachment (Bartholomew Horowitz, 1991). Fraley ainsi que al. (2000) stated coefficient alphas of .94 to your nervousness subscale and you may .95 with the reduction subscale based on an undergraduate test.

Brand new Multiple-Dimensional Assistance Measure (MDSS; Winefield mais aussi al., 1992) tips brand new supply and adequacy off public assistance away from certain supply (relatives, nearest family, and colleagues). MDSS includes emotional, simple and you may informative support. In the present research the accessibility and you may adequacy out of social help just out of friends and nearest friends had been integrated. A total of ten to forty activities should be obtained with the the new Supply Level, products are rated toward an effective 4-point Likert Size (1-never, 4-always). Brand new Adequacy Scale range away from 10 in order to 30 issues, in which step one suggests a high curiosity about public assistance, step three a lowered interest and 2 mode anyone is fulfilled into gotten personal support. In the current study coefficients having interior structure ranged anywhere between .83 (Adequacy Level; Cronbach’s Leader) and you can .87 (Supply Scale; Cronbach’s Leader).

The property owner-pets Dating Measure (OPRS; Winefield ainsi que al., 2008) contains factors produced from the newest accessory principle and focuses on the newest customer’s need to maintain distance to animals and his otherwise her impact of relationship because psychologically supporting and shared. It offers fifteen products which is actually ranked for the a scale regarding step 1 to help you 4, with the exception of goods #3 in which Genuine was scored 4 rather than real try obtained 1. The range was therefore fifteen-sixty. Members exactly who individual several creature have been questioned to decide solutions depending on the pet they considered nearest so you can. In the current study the latest coefficient having interior structure try .85 (Cronbach’s alpha).

New Differential Loneliness Scale (DLS; Schmidt Sermat, 1983) can be used determine the new thinking from starvation and frustration that have specific public relationships. It is put into four bills with respect to the brand of relationship: members of the family, love, household members, and you will people. It has 60 products concerning the presence off a relationship, approximation or reduction, collaboration or even the degree of service, regard, and you will correspondence. The overall level enjoys a leading Kuder-Richardson Algorithm 20 inner surface (above .89), that have subscale quotes over .70 (Schmidt Sermat, 1983).

Demographic information regarding players (gender, many years, life style place, and you may relationships reputation), animals suggestions, and length of control had been plus put in these forms.


Programming language PHP and you can MYSQL database administration options were utilized for doing and you will posting the brand new surveys and you will immediately get together analysis during the online setting, of . This new chosen questionnaires have been had written toward several Slovenian sites discussion boards, primarily those intended for creature couples. I in addition to called the fresh new Feline bar Ljubljana in order to pass this new questionnaire in order to their users. Completely accomplished questionnaires was basically needed for sending the individuals answers. There are almost no time limits.