Top Hottest Female successfully

Alvida ‘s the captain of Alvida Pirates as well as the very first antagonist encountered of the Luffy regarding anime present timeline.In the first place, Alvida try a taller and also obese girl which have long wavy black colored tresses, and you may freckles for her face.By consuming a demon Fruits, Alvida keeps transformed from the losing the additional weight off their human anatomy. The newest Sube Sube no Mi produces Alvida extremely slick and you will, besides the cowboy hat she wears, Alvida looks not the same as their unique setting, becoming thin, well-blessed, which have black-eco-friendly sight (in advance of is brown), while maintaining their original tresses.

Vinsmoke Reiju, called “Poison Pink”, ‘s the earliest guy and just dily. The woman is a good little princess of Germa Empire and you can a chief in its army arm, Germa 66.Reiju is actually a slim young woman which have neck-size light red locks (deep red on the cartoon), coating the girl correct vision and you may styling up on resources. She has yellow vision (blue about comic strip), and you may sporadically wears white green lipstick. As with any the brand new Vinsmoke sisters, this lady has distinctive curly eye brows you to definitely setting good spiral like brand new amount “6”. not, as opposed to her brothers Sanji and you will Yonji, the girl eyebrows frequently swirl symmetrically in contrary rules.

Infant 5 is the alias of a person in the fresh Happo Navy that is partnered so you can Sai, new Happo Navy’s 13th commander. She actually is an old servant and you will assassin of your Donquixote Pirates offering once the an officer in the Pica Armed forces.Child 5 is a young girl regarding more than average peak. She has a thin however, curvaceous well-endowed shape. She wears lip stick, good burgundy French maid dress having white frills, coordinating high heel shoes, and various tan devices to carry weapons. This lady has much time black colored locks, and this she wears somewhat curved and you can adorned that have a light fabric headband.

Because the a great gladiator, she used a yellow measure armor bikini, with a turquoise paludamentum, including a ridge helmet, a couple of greaves and you may gloves, a leading-heeled armor, and you may a beneficial necklace

Rebecca ‘s the previous top little princess out-of Dressrosa, who sacrificed the lady name to call home with her father and you can currently functions as a woman-in-would love to the newest regal family unit members. This woman is the newest granddaughter from Riku Dold III, the new daughter regarding Scarlett and you will Kyros, while the relative regarding Viola.Rebecca is a reasonable-skinned, thin, and curvy teen that is slightly shorter than simply Luffy. She’s got enough time, white green tresses, and therefore she wears for the a beneficial braid. This woman is noticed most attractive and beautiful by the most other gladiators.

Kalifa was the sole female person in CP9, until she is actually ignored from the equipment of the Spandam, exactly who lied and you will attributed the group into failure inside the Enies Lobby together with her associates.Kalifa is actually a skinny, fairly lady which have blue-eyes and glasses. This lady strawberry-blonde hair was about shoulder-length whenever she earliest infiltrated Water eight, and you will she grew it out historically she invested undercover truth be told there.This lady about three specifications is (based on Vivre Cards – One-piece Visual Dictionary): B93-W61-H92, while making the lady breasts a grams-cup inside The japanese.She’s brief studded earrings and generally wears outfits you to definitely reveals this lady legs and you will cleavage, just like Nami.

Most people you to definitely see this lady actually love her (because observed in Loguetown, actually ladies), exactly like Boa Hancock

Nico Robin is the archaeologist of your own Straw Hat Pirates. She actually is the simply person in globe to your function to learn and you may discover Poneglyphs, an art form that’s thought forbidden and threatening to the world Regulators.Following timeskip, Robin’s black colored hair has grown stretched, right down to their spine and that is drawn back, sharing a lot more of this lady temple and you will ears. The lady breasts have also mature much larger and you will rounder, instance Nami’s, but except that this the woman looks has not yet altered much, help save into fact that each other this lady system contours and hourglass profile are extremely a lot more pronounced. Robin’s pores and skin seemed to brighten which have color (possibly because of the time purchasing studies indoors). Unlike the other professionals, Robin failed to develop large. She remains at 188 cm.Their dimensions is B100-W60-H90, and make their tits a J-cup in the Japan.