Yet not, it is indicated that Kiyotaka does not accept their just like the a friend, but simply a great pawn in helping your winnings

She later thanked him for this, because the Kiyotaka merely informed her not to act formally up to your, because they was indeed a similar decades and that he had been just providing the lady out

Following survival attempt, it speak due to the fact she said one she detests Suzune due to this lady purportedly not having a low profile front. She and additionally questioned in the event that he had to determine ranging from exterior which have the girl or Suzune while he remarked he failed to understand, she jokingly titled your mean.

After that Kiyotaka will get wary about their, because of her character very he cannot apparently connect with the woman normally. In return, she shown to him you to definitely she’s got disliked their guts off the actual moment she satisfied him for explanations unknown.

While in the frequency 5, she informs him you to while the they have become associating himself with Horikita, he would also be placed into their expel list.

Throughout the frequency 9, the guy wanted to give half his personal points monthly in order to the woman, in return for knowing the secrets of your category and you can making themselves worthwhile so you can this lady.

Airi Sakura

Even with becoming class mates, the 2 failed to prize both up to Suzune directed out you to she is alone which will let Kikyo aside. Kiyotaka mirrored that he hardly recalls their by physical appearance. It technically found whenever Kiyotaka and you may Kikyo went to talk to the girl to have let. However, Airi don’t would like to get with it and you may went away from, causing accidentally cracking her digital camera. She in the near future expected he and you will Kikyo compliment her to obtain they repaired regardless if he did query the woman why he previously to already been prior to realising her bashful identity was anything the fresh new flirty and you will pushy store clerk grabbed benefit of. He assisted their of the advising brand new clerk to transmit him the new see on camera and writing down his personal address and therefore caused the lady to help you checked Kiyotaka if you find yourself blushing.

When you’re Kikyo is out, he remarked so you can themselves about it actually was shameful to be alone with Airi whom simply actually ever looks at your. Although not, she broke the newest quiet and you can expected him exactly what she must do in the Ken as he told her that decision is actually upwards so you can her. Then expected as to the reasons she need information from him, along with her replying that it was since the their eyes were not ‘scary’, ultimately causing Kiyotaka become baffled because of the the girl opinion. The guy shared with her to-do just what she thought are proper and you will that choice Airi makes does not have to weight the woman. Airi after that blushed at their terminology and you will became flustered whenever Kikyo returned while you are seeking cover up this lady ashamed deal with. Because of their encouraging terms and conditions, Airi made a decision to help your in his situation to store Ken of expulsion and you can went to brand new reading and you can given evidence for this new event. She was also happy to inform you this lady gravure idol pictures to help you those individuals establish which has of a lot direct photos given that facts in the event it had helped him.

Following reading, Airi apologised in order to him to own not working in the courage so you can help ultimately, but the guy informed her not to worry due to the fact she turned-out by herself useful. Whenever Manabu hinted one an edge of the woman was lying, Airi got threatened for a while, however, Kiyotaka easily intervened by the claiming the guy believed Airi, much in order to her rescue. Even after Kiyotaka dodging Manabu’s assault, she is actually worried that a fight will get use due to her through to the chairman kept.

The day Tierfreunde Dating-Seiten immediately following, the guy met up having Airi inside the classification and you can informs the woman that she try a big help. Then he told her that in case she ever before called for your having anything however show up. It heartened Airi and you can she tried to ask your some thing, prior to she you will definitely, he’d to leave getting things encouraging to learn they later on. It’s shown they replaced email address, just like the Airi soon made surprise name to help you your asking for assist. Even when the guy seemed puzzled by sound out-of this lady voice, he place several and two together with her to understand you to definitely she is in big trouble. In the event the store clerk (just who in the past made advances on her) attempted to force themselves for her, Kiyotaka easily came to the girl assistance of the searching toward scene and you can threatening the person with incriminating research in addition to that have Honami Ichinose while the police subdue him.