You find here, this indicates this new protoplasm for the cardiovascular system and you will lo oks particularly bullet circles, ya?

I would like to start by a dialogue of one’s vanguard search out-of Herr Professor Doktor Tomas Landh, good biophysicist and bio-information scientist. They have cutting-edge an alternative idea considering strong research you to definitely conflicts significantly having newest viewpoints into the phone morph ology, particularly neuronal mind tissues. Newest concept will be based upon several-dimensional models of thin microtome areas of structure viewed not as much as optical or indication microscopy, hence says that “the new cell’s membrane are a round double layer regarding oily lipi ds having their liophobic stops directing inwards, and you may liophyllic16 concludes leading outwards with protein structures on both epidermis otherwise squeeze from membrane. Inform you the original fall. 2nd fall. Doktor Landh is not arguing mobile setting, however, even more the fresh structural topology of the correct geometry. Immediately following looking at many published fotos inside histology literature on the early in the day thirty-five ages, he is sure the present day look at try i ncorrect.

Just what he performed, is not have fun with signal electron microscopy (TEM), however, reading electron microscopy (SEM) that have extremely unique dead-freeze solutions to uphold actual telephone morphology in the place of thinking items. Then did a mathematical topological studies (MTA) so you can associate hypothesis having observations, and discovered you to definitely tissues, away from being circular 3-D nothing balls, ya?, have been in reality highly complex step 3-D aggregates following the an accurate topological legislation called Periodic Restricted Surface (PMS), perhaps not t o become confused with ladies PMS, ya? ( booming laughs ) I’m able to skip the information, however, Doktor Landh features postulated that real mobile morphology and you will telephone escort in Santa Clarita CA continuum isn’t a random round configuration, but a precise crystalline aggregate from cubic-shap ed muscle whose membranes tell you a six-flex symmetry! Lines of one’s Egyptian Flower regarding Lives symmetry, perhaps, ya?17 Additionally, the fresh cytoskeleton or healthy protein bones of mobile grows within the a spiral pattern, nearly the same as DNA/RNA geometry. I wish to feel the n ext five glides, Dr. B. You notice the way the telephone grows out of a-two-dimensional circle so you can an excellent cubic aggregate for folks who use the principles off topology, ya? The thing is also the recurring pattern, such as for instance an amazingly, ya? That it cubic shape is probable determined from the practical cellu lar conditions, and you may decides the actual telephone decisions.

Richard Cytowic, has been comparing an unusual experience labeled as synesthesia, a condition in which one to sense overlaps that have several other, like “tasting colors”, “smell colour”, “tasting conditions”, “impact feelings and you will thoughts in the brilliant tints”, eg intimate sexual climaxes (noisy laughs)

Finally, his past phenomenal finding was you to, because a material scientist – including the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller – he was most regularly steel and you can metalloid microstructure. When he saw the new large-perspective SEM’s at the low solution and high angle, he noti ced the fresh development resembled exactly what issue scientists phone call a good photonic crystal, an excellent lattice framework away from atoms or molecules that is responsive to electromagnetic rays, otherwise white, ya? Thus the guy realised, of course! Which explains the work of Herr Doktor Popp regarding Switzerland (18) with his photon phone experiments. To put it differently, this new tissues was morphologically build instance a PMS design one to maximises the facial skin for every single product volume having absorption of your time. They follows, hence, that muscle, particularly neuronal mental tissues, was crystalline electromagnetic transducers – to put it differently, it answer light, ya?19 That explains you need to only exodermal (skin) structure, however, strong endodermal muscle, as well as (those who work in) new pineal gland, is sensitive to white. Doktor Landh’s look contradicts that, and categorically shows how structure try structurally and you will morphologicaly furnished to help you act as white transducers, ya? This is the conclusion of your search. ( updates ovation and you will applause )

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Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thank-you, recognized colleagues. You know, we may just be a physiological black-hole! ( even more laughs) Now, i’d like to go into the second thing of my personal speak. I wish for the lighting, delight. Thanks a lot., Dr. B. This topic out of brain lookup observar ges almost into the paraphysics, the favorite point in our CCCP colleagues. ( cheers) A polish specialist, Dr. History concern – how do we do that? ( significantly more laughter)